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About Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC

VIC Vacuum Instruments Corporation is a global, US based manufacturer, engineer, and innovative solutions provider of standard and custom engineered, non-destructive, industrial, air and tracer gas leak detection machinery, and custom tracer gas handling system solutions. Through our technology and machinery, we assist product, device, and component manufacturers in NDT testing to leak rate standards to ensure quality, performance, and durability.

Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC offers unsurpassed innovative, technology driven, application-based, custom engineering of small and large-scale industrial air and tracer gas leak detection machinery and tracer gas handling system solutions.

Air Leak Detection Division (Standard and Custom)

Manufactures a full standard product line and custom engineering of industrial air leak detector technology solutions, including:

  • Calibrated leaks/accessories
  • Portable air leak detectors
  • Mass flow systems
  • Pressure decay systems
  • Fixtures
  • Test fittings.


Tracer Gas Leak Detection Division (Standard and Custom)

Manufactures a full product line of standard and custom engineering of industrial helium, hydrogen, and argon gas leak detector technology solutions, including:

  • Portable gas leak detectors
  • Console leak detectors
  • Helium and dual gas helium
  • Hydrogen sniffing leak detectors
  • Leak testing services.


Industrial Tracer Gas Handling Systems Division

Custom engineers, designs, and manufactures industrial tracer gas handling systems technology, including:

  • Accumulation sniffer systems
  • Gas mixing systems
  • Gas boosting systems
  • Gas charging systems
  • Gas recovery systems
  • Bombing stations
  • Charging station systems.


Leak Detection Solutions Partner

We are an all-inclusive air and tracer gas leak detection solutions partner that provides the right custom engineered solution for each industrial product, device, and component quality manufacturer application. We are the only US based company that manufactures the leak detector technology behind the machinery, increasing innovative, limitless, engineering capabilities, reducing downtimes, and operating costs for quality and manufacturing professionals.


Full Scale Systems Engineering

Offering 70 years of an application-based approach, first in class engineering, cutting edge technology, and project management of air and tracer gas leak detection solutions, they provide each customer with comprehensive application knowledge, diverse application assessment experience, leak detector technology type selection, design engineering, machinery design/production, full-scale engineering project management, full service and preventive maintenance, and parts manufacturing.


Service Division

Offers a custom designed, service assessment approach for made to unit and systems for service, preventative maintenance, re-calibration, aiming to reduce downtime and minimize operating costs. They offer standard product and custom system service excellence, including customer and equipment focused service contracts, training, on-site field service from authorized engineers, exchange programs, leak calibration, and leak testing services on individual product, devices, and components.


Global Applications Solutions Provider

With over 70 years of unsurpassed technology capabilities and unparalleled engineering, we have assisted product, device, and component manufacturers with unique applications in the medical, automotive, aerospace, air conditioning, appliance, chemical, electronics, food & beverage packaging, HVAC, medical, military, opto-electronics, packaging, pharmaceutical, refrigeration, research & development, science & technology, semiconductor, utilities, and vacuum technologies industries with a custom fit solution.


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