MD-490S Dual Gas

MD-490S DG Features

  • Fastest response time in the industry – less than 0.5 seconds
  • Most sensitive sniffer available
  • Fully interactive system diagnostics
  • Tracer gas background suppression
  • Fully automatic calibration
  • Less than 3 minute total start-up time
  • Dual purpose calibrated gas leak

MD-490S Dual Gas Details


Patent Pending Leak Test Methodology

Patent Pending Leak Test Method

VIC, LLC’s unique test methodology completely test the leak integrity of the entire Co-Axial sections in one testing sequence without removing the IHX parts from the chamber and exceeds all current industry leak testing requirements.  The newly developed IHX test has been implemented as an option into our “Scepter” product line.  This differentiated test is also afforded to standard refrigeration systems and components using IHX technology.

End Of Life Notices

Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers.  VIC, LLC views product End of Life (EOL) as a part of the life cycle that drives new technology and product innovation.  All technology products eventually reach the end of their useful life requiring a business decision to discontinue availability and maintenance.

EOL Notices


MS-40GT Portable Leak Detectors

MS-40GT: Four times faster, for greater productivity

Breakthrough technology combines high test port pressure, a large capacity internal mechanical pump, and VIC LLC’s unique mass spectrometer to make the MS-40GT leak detectors at least four times faster than conventional portable units available today.  Its speed makes the MS-40GT ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

Three modes of operation are provided in a single, standard Model MS-40GT.  These leak detectors provide a high-sensitivity Direct Flow Mode and Reverse Flow Mode for faster cycle time, as well as a Combination Mode that automatically switches from Reverse to Direct.

MS-40GT provides cleaner leak detection than Reverse Flow-only detectors.  Direct flow leak detection permits orders of magnitude cleaner leak detection than reverse flow-only leak detectors for applications which don’t require 100% dry leak detection.. The ability to do direct flow only leak detection with the conventional MS-40GT can offer an economical alternative to purchasing a dry leak detector.

The internal roughing pump in this self-contained portable leak detector produces fast cycle times and , in most cases, eliminates the need for a separate auxiliary pump.

The ultimate cleanroom portable: MS-40GT Dry

VIC LLC’s MS-40GT Dry unit features an oil-free diaphragm/molecular drag pump, the MS-40 Dry is ideal for use in cleanrooms and other environments where contamination

This truly portable unit weighs less than 100 lbs in standard configuration.  Light-weight makes for easy portability, and a self-contained diaphragm pump allows for easy movement.

The smallest footprint in the industry reduces your cleanroom cost.  The high cost of cleanroom space means that smaller is better, when it comes to equipment.  The MS-40GT Dry is designed to allow you to maximize the use of cleanroom space by minimizing the footprint and workspace for leak detection.

Available in stainless steel, the MS-40GT Dry can be ordered with a stainless steel enclosure,  Free from paint chips and other contamination concerns, this special model conforms to more stringent cleanroom standards.

The MS-40GT required minimal maintenance with the simple replacement of pump diaphragms.  Designed for productivity and reliability, VIC LLC’s MS-40GT Dry does not require annual replacement of the pump, bearing or scroll head that is typically required for scroll pump models.

Increase Your Production

The MS-40GT Plus is cart mounted with a pump package geared towards your specific testing criteria enhancing your testing capabilities.  Storage area along with all electrical and vacuum connections conveniently provided for ease of operation.


Click here for full details on all of VIC LLC’s portable line of leak detectors.

MS-50GT High Production Console Leak Detector

Ideal for a Broad Range of Applications

Because it offers a choice of three flow modes, the MS-50GT adapts to many leak testing applications.  Reverse flow offers the fastest time to test for large to fine leaks.  Direct flow provides the fastest response time for the smallest of leaks.  A combination mode that enables the system to switch automatically between modes provides optimum performance.

This unique flexibility of flow modes allows the MS-50GT to test for leaks in many applications for industries that require any level of leak tightness.  The MS-50GT can be used for applications In a broad range of industries such as the aerospace, automotive, chemical, cosmetics, electronics, food processing, medical, packaging, pharmaceutical, refrigeration, semiconductor, utilities, and vacuum industries.

MS-50GT Features and Benefits – for complete specification and catalogs click here!

  • Dual Pump System (dedicated foreline and roughing pumps) completely eliminates tracer gas contamination during the roughing cycle.
  • NIST Traceable Temperature Compensated Internal Calibrator provides maximum calibration accuracy.
  • Dual Filament Source provides a spare filament allowing continued testing until scheduled maintenance.
  • Test for the Smallest Leaks at the Highest Inlet Pressures the mass spectrometer design enables the MS-50GT to test for the smallest leaks at the highest pressure.  Gross testing begins at 100 Torr.  Fine leak testing begins at 7.5 Torr.
  • Detectable Tracer Gas Masses include Helium, Argon, Hydrogen and Helium-3.
  • Depending upon you applications, models range from Wet, Dry, High Sensitivity and Dual Port.

The MS-50GT is the only production leak detector with an interactive touch screen display and built-in diagnostics for trouble-free maintenance.  Simple one-button power up has system ready to test in less than 3 minutes.  Automatic start-up, tuning and calibration along with three flow modes provide flexibility and maximum productivity for applications specific leak testing.



The Perfect Complement to the MS-50GT

The MS-50 Manual Backfill Station is designed to be used with an MS-50GT Series Leak Detector for in-process evacuation and backfill, leak testing, and final filling of hermetically sealed devices.


MD-490S – The Real Sniffer

The MD-490S is the highest sensitivity sniffer. That's why we call it “The Real Sniffer”

The MD-490S is the highest sensitivity sniffer with a response time less than 0.5 seconds and the ability to zero-out background, this is the most aggressive portable leak detector in the industry, with advanced features designed specifically for industrial use.

MD-490S Features and Benefits – for complete specifications and catalogs click here!

  • Vibra-Leak Probe with background suppression button provides tactile feedback when leak rate exceeds the reject set point; Ideally suited for noisy environments where audio alarms cannot be heard or where leak detectors are in close proximity; Vibra-Leak Probe solves background tracer gas problems during the test.
  • Tracer Gas Background Suppression with a push of a button, the MD-490S eliminates the tracer gas background.
  • Most Sensitive Sniffer Available with 10-8 sensing capabilities through enhanced tracer gas collector design and signal processing
  • Fully Interactive System Diagnostics include critical parameters such as run times, operating voltages/currents and pressures.
  • Graphical and Numerical Displays of leak rate values.
  • Sealed Membrane Keypad for long life in harsh environments.
  • Fully Automatic Calibration sequence with built-in NIST calibrated gas leak which prompts the operator to insert probe into the built-in leak and adjusts the machine’s leak rate reading to match the leak value.
  • Dry (oil-free) Vacuum Pumping minimizes maintenance and potential oil contamination problems.
  • Probe Blockage Alarm ensures proper system performance.
  • Front Panel Key Lock-Out prevents unauthorized use.
  • High Output Adjustable Audio Alarm up to 110dB.


The Smartest Leak Test Combo

Smart ChargeIII unit compliments the MD-490S by providing trouble-free tracer gas handling.  It prevents tracer gas background contamination in the test area that can lead to ambiguous test results or false leakers.

Tracer Gas Leak Detection

Product performance, reliability, total customer service, and process application support are the cornerstones of VIC Leak Detection…


MD-490S Sniffer

MS-40/50 Vacuum Series

VicTorr Air Leak Test

Multi-Lumen Catheter Air Leak Test


The right tool for the job – we will help you choose the right technology for your application and offer you end of fiscal year price savings.

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Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC Appoints New CFO

Ronkonkoma, New York – October 2, 2017 – Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC the leading provider of tracer gas leak detection solutions, continues its investment in new executive talent with the hiring of Dan Morley as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Mr. Morley is a seasoned financial executive with extensive experience overseeing middle market sized organizations blended with experience in large companies, most recently serving as CFO for Scales Industrial Technologies.

As CFO at Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC, Mr. Morley will be responsible for ensuring that the company continues to drive growth and greater efficiency capitalizing on the growing worldwide demand for leak detection solutions.

“Dan brings terrific skills to our finance and accounting team from his experience at several growing companies where he was instrumental in providing the finance vision, strategy and leadership to help the organizations get to the next level,” Jeff Plante, CEO, Vacuum Instruments Corp., LLC, said. “With Dan at the finance helm, I’m confident we’ll be well positioned to meet our growth goals moving forward.”

About Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC (VIC) – VIC is the World’s largest independent company devoted solely to the research, design, manufacture, distribution, and service of leak detectors and complete leak detection solutions. VIC’s staff of engineers, system design personnel and applications specialists constitute the most experienced body of leak detection experts in the world. VIC therefore offers an unparalleled breadth of applications knowledge and gas handling experience along with the fastest, simplest, and most sensitive leak detectors in the industry. Over one billion products have been tested with portable vacuum-type tracer gas sniffers, general purpose tracer gas leak detectors, mass flow and pressure decay systems, and complete turnkey leak detection solutions.

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Mexico Earthquake – Need Your Support

Friends, many affected by the earthquake are not receiving support or assistance.  VIC Mexico is initiating a collection of materials, like first aid kits and can food to bring to the city of Jojutla and Xochimilco.

Please visit VIC Mexico’s website for assistance details.

Ramping Production – MD-490DG


MD-490S Helium and MD-490S Dual-Gas Sniffers

Press Release


September 2017 – Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC announces it is ramping production of non-helium tracer gas Leak Detectors.  In response to increased demand from it’s customer base, the company has significantly stepped up production of it’s Leak Detectors which use Hydrogen and Argon in lieu of Helium.  These gases are used in multiple industries by VIC’s customers.  The MD-490DG has long been recognized as a mainstay in leak detection, utilized by automotive, utility and plastics manufacturers and the company is the only LD provider to offer Argon Leak Detection capability, heavily used in Aerospace and Defense.  As a result of customer demand and VIC LLC well regarded history of applications expertise, production of these non-helium Leak Detectors is expected to increase five fold over the next 12 months.  Additionally, the company offers other gas management solutions such as helium recovery systems and gas mixers/boosters which are increasingly in demand in light of the periodic fluctuations in the Helium market.


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