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Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC is the world’s largest company devoted solely to the research, design, manufacture, distribution, and service of leak detectors and complete leak detection solutions.  VIC’s staff of engineers, system design personnel and applications specialists constitute the most experienced body of leak detection experts in the world.

VIC Leak Detection therefore offers an unparalleled breadth of applications knowledge and gas handling experience along with the fastest, simplest, and most sensitive leak detectors in the industry. Over one billion products have been tested with portable vacuum-type tracer gas sniffers, general purpose trace detectors, and complete turnkey leak detection solutions.

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Thermal Leak Detection Applications

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Aerospace     Air Conditioning / Heating     Appliance     Automotive

Chemical     Electronics     Food     Medical     Optoelectronics     Packaging

Pharmaceutical     Refrigeration     Semiconductor     Utilities     Vacuum

Send us your application requirements, leak detection rate requirements, project engineering specifications, and product/device/component being tested, so we can design a leak detection and integrated systems solution that’s right for you.

Need help in converting you leak rates, refer to our Popular Tracer Gas Leak Rate Conversion Chart Link

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