Leak Testing Solutions

Global Engineers of Leak Testing Solutions

Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC designs and manufactures leak testing solutions in base technology, standards units, and custom engineered systems to application requirements.


Air/Vacuum Leak Testing

Mass flow, pressure decay, vacuum decay (single/multi-channel) ; mass flow spectrometers; differential pressure decay systems; calibrated leaks


Tracer Gas Leak Testing

Portable leak detectors high sensitivity helium leak detectors/mass spectrometer, helium sniffing leak detectors, Dual gas Helium/Hydrogen Sniffing Leak Detectors, standard helium leak detectors; Console high-speed production leak detectors, Helium and Argon with back fill stations; Helium and Dual Gas-Helium/Hydrogen sniffing leak-detectors for portable and OEM applications. Portable Helium sniffing Leak Detector fully integrated with our Smart Charge III Evacuation and Backfill Station


Gas Leaks

Available in a variety of gases; Helium based; Calibrated Metal Orifice Leaks – Sniffing;MS-40, MS-50, MS-60 Helium/Veeco


Gas Handling Systems

Recovery systems, bombing systems, charging systems, boosters


Custom Engineered Air/Vacuum Systems Custom engineers large-scale fully automated air leak detection systems per application and project engineering requirements.

We are a source for integrated, automatic and semi-automatic systems efficiently based on our own standard components.


Custom Engineered Tracer Gas Systems Helium accumulation systems, helium hard vac systems, MD-490S fully integrated systems and custom engineering.