MS-50GT High Production Console Leak Detector

Ideal for a Broad Range of Applications

Because it offers a choice of three flow modes, the MS-50GT adapts to many leak testing applications.  Reverse flow offers the fastest time to test for large to fine leaks.  Direct flow provides the fastest response time for the smallest of leaks.  A combination mode that enables the system to switch automatically between modes provides optimum performance.

This unique flexibility of flow modes allows the MS-50GT to test for leaks in many applications for industries that require any level of leak tightness.  The MS-50GT can be used for applications In a broad range of industries such as the aerospace, automotive, chemical, cosmetics, electronics, food processing, medical, packaging, pharmaceutical, refrigeration, semiconductor, utilities, and vacuum industries.

MS-50GT Features and Benefits – for complete specification and catalogs click here!

  • Dual Pump System (dedicated foreline and roughing pumps) completely eliminates tracer gas contamination during the roughing cycle.
  • NIST Traceable Temperature Compensated Internal Calibrator provides maximum calibration accuracy.
  • Dual Filament Source provides a spare filament allowing continued testing until scheduled maintenance.
  • Test for the Smallest Leaks at the Highest Inlet Pressures the mass spectrometer design enables the MS-50GT to test for the smallest leaks at the highest pressure.  Gross testing begins at 100 Torr.  Fine leak testing begins at 7.5 Torr.
  • Detectable Tracer Gas Masses include Helium, Argon, Hydrogen and Helium-3.
  • Depending upon you applications, models range from Wet, Dry, High Sensitivity and Dual Port.

The MS-50GT is the only production leak detector with an interactive touch screen display and built-in diagnostics for trouble-free maintenance.  Simple one-button power up has system ready to test in less than 3 minutes.  Automatic start-up, tuning and calibration along with three flow modes provide flexibility and maximum productivity for applications specific leak testing.



The Perfect Complement to the MS-50GT

The MS-50 Manual Backfill Station is designed to be used with an MS-50GT Series Leak Detector for in-process evacuation and backfill, leak testing, and final filling of hermetically sealed devices.