Mass Flow, Pressure Decay, Vacuum Decay Leak Testing

The Air Leak Testing division of Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC designs and manufactures standard and custom portable leak detectors, mass flow systems, pressure decay systems, differential pressure decay systems, fixtures, test fittings, and calibrated leaks and accessories.


Mass Flow, Pressure Decay or Vacuum Decay

Can be configured as a single or multi-channel model for mass flow, pressure decay or vacuum decay leak detection.
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Fully automated and integrate-able with a variety of PLCs and HMIs – a powerful solution for the systems’ integrator.


The MLC Leak/Occlusion Tester for Multi-Lumen Catheters.

Air or Nitrogen Leak Tester

The MF-11 performs fast, accurate leak tests with either air or nitrogen. It utilizes our ultrafast mass flow test method in which a constant pressure is maintained to the test part by a precision pressure regulator.

Thermal Mass Flowmeter

Our patented thermal mass flow meter and fill techniques are ultra-fast and produce repeatable results with very low pressure drop—ideally suited for high-throughput leak-test applications.