Custom Engineered Air/Vacuum Leak Testing Systems

Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC custom engineers large-scale fully automated air/vacuum leak detection systems per application and project engineering requirements.

We integrate, automatic and semi-automatic systems efficiently based on our own standard components.

Some types of air/vacuum standard units and systems that can be automated and custom engineered we have manufactured includes:

Integration capabilities with PLC’s and HMIs.

VIC-Torr 3qtr rt w-screen

Mass flow, pressure decay, vacuum decay (single/multi-channel)



Fully Automated and Integrated Air/Vacuum Leak Detection Systems

alt-sys.JPG Fully Integrated Mass Flow System
 FireShot Screen Capture #006 - 'vicleakdetection_com_PDF_VIC-Kit_pdf' - vicleakdetection_com_PDF_VIC-Kit.png