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Vacuum Instruments Corporation LLC Leak Detection Gas Handling Division designs and manufactures industrial helium hard vacuum systems, accumulation sniffer systems, gas mixing, gas boosting, gas charging, gas recovery systems, and bombing stations, as well as variety of calibrated gas leaks including helium, hydrogen, and argon.

Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC offer standard units as well as custom engineered systems.

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gashandling-recovery.gif Helium Gas Recovery Systems
The Gas Recovery Systems offered consists of ASME coded pressure tanks, a set of compressor(s), gas analyzer, microprocessor controls and all necessary valving, gas regulation and piping. The gas recovery operation includes these major steps: • The tracer gas in the product is vented into the vacuum surge tank (T1). • During each stage of compression the tracer gas is passed through a set of high efficiency water cooled heat exchangers to remove the heat generated during compression. • The final compressor outputs to tank (T3) completing the recycling operation.

Custom Engineering

smartchargeIII127038.jpg Charging Stations Smart Charge III™

A fully automatic, custom configurable evacuation and tracer gas backfill system with built-in gross leak test.  The system is ideally suited for pre-charging of product with tracer gas, such as Helium, Hydrogen or others prior to the leak test process.  It can also be used any gas charging application that requires evacuation and subsequent pressurization of a test product.

Custom Engineering

original Bombing Stations
PBS-1 Single Chamber
PBS-2 Dual Chamber
PV-883 Dual Purpose Helium/ Flourocarbon
PV-883 Junior

Custom Engineering


gasbooster.jpg Gas Boosters
Gas booster systems produce high-pressure process gas supplies from lower pressure sources, typically boosting a shop air source.  Base units provide up to 600 psig pressure output.  Options include higher pressure outputs and process gas drying capabilities.  They can be configured for single gas or dual gas boosting.

Custom Engineering


354_-mixer.JPG Gas Mixers
The Gas Mixer provides a mixture of two gases by alternately filling a tank until each gas has contributed proportionally to the tank’s final pressure.  The volume ratio of each gas is determined by the selected mix percentage. 

Custom Engineering




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