Tracer Gas Leak Detection



Multiple Solutions For Leak Detection Application Requirements

Vacuum Instruments Corporation LLC Tracer Gas Leak Detection Division designs and manufactures portable portable helium tracer gas leak detectors, console tracer gas leak detectors, helium and dual gas portable leak detectors with sniffing and fully integrated smart charge and back-fill station, integrated tracer gas leak detection systems, calibrated gas leaks, and accessories .

Custom Integrated Leak Detection Systems Engineering

Our base system technologies can be custom engineered to include integrated tooling/fixtures, automation and control, application-specific features, leak standard data collection requirements, and more.

Please call us for custom engineering our systems, we have a customer-centric and application specific approach  and integrated design project engineering to build systems that meet customers needs.  

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Our new MS-60 portable helium leak detector.

MS-60 and 

MS-40GT Series

Portable leak detectors high sensitivity helium leak detectors/mass spectrometer, helium sniffing leak detectors, Dual gas Helium/Hydrogen Sniffing Leak Detectors, standard helium leak detectors. 


MS-50GT_R-.jpg MS-50GT Series

Console high-speed production leak detectors, Helium and Argon with back fill stations


md490s1792_Copy103633.jpg MD-490S series Helium and Dual Gas-Helium/Hydrogen sniffing leak-detectors for portable and OEM applications. Portable Helium sniffing Leak Detector fully integrated with our Smart Charge III Evacuation and Backfill Station 



 376.JPG Turnkey Tracer Gas Leak Detection Systems

Helium accumulation systems, helium hard vac systems, fully automated helium mass spectrometers


 belljar.JPG Gas Leak Detector Accessories

Maintenance kits, roughing pumps, sniffer probes, remote controls, and more, designed specifically for our MS-40GT Series, MS-50GT Series and MS-60 Series


calcover39445  Calibrated Gas Leaks  


Precision high-speed leak-test instrumentation for industry and science is designed and manufactured in New York by our Tracer Gas products group.