Gas Leak Calibrators – OM Series

Multiple Gas Type Orifice Leak Testing Calibrators

The OM Series gas calibrator leaks utilize a precision tapered glass capillary as the leak element. Gases pass through a single orifice, with the leak rate dependent upon size and gas pressure. To prevent clogging of the fine orifice, a unique particle trap is located between the capillary tube and outlet fitting.

High Performance features

Available in a wide variety of gases (see ordering information)


Leak Rates
Available, 10-3 to 10-9 atm-cc/sec
Custom Engineering
Specific leak rate values available to match your product’s leak specifications
N.I.S.T. certificate at no additional charge
Unique particle trap virtually eliminates clogging, typically associated with capillary leaks
Leaks supplied with 300cc or 500cc stainless steel cylinder (depending on leak rate) with DOT-3E1800 rating offering maximum life span
Lowest temperature coefficient available, 0.2 %/°C ensures predictable leak rates over a wide temperature band
Ordering Information for OM Series
Available in a wide range of gases as coded below. Specify gas code and leak rate.
When ordering Part No. 922-XYY, X = Leak Rate Exponent and YY = Gas Code from the chart below. Leak Rates: 10-3 to 10-9.
Example: OM No. 922-501 = 10-5 range Helium Leak
All leaks filled with high purity gases. All OM models supplied with 1/2″ OD smooth tube connection unless otherwise specified. OM-3 range leaks provided with 500 cc volume.
Please note that other gases and specific leak rate values are also available upon request. Available gases include:
01     Helium
02     Helium 3
03     Argon
04     Nitrogen
05     Hydrogen
06     Oxygen
07     Air
08     Deuterium
09     R-12
10     R-22
11     R-23
12     Krypton
13     Carbon Dioxide
14     Carbon Monoxide
15     Methane
16     Neon
17     Sulfur Dioxide
18     SF6
19     Xenon
20     —
21     R-134A
Other gases and specific leak rate values are available upon request. At an additional charge, all OM model gas leaks can be supplied at a specific leak rate ±1 of specified leak rate (example: a 2.5 x 10 -5 atm-cc/sec specified will receive leak at 1.5 to 3.5 x 10-5 atm-cc/sec) or, at an extra close tolerance of specific leak rate ±0.5 of specified leak rate (example: a 2.5 x 10-5 atm-cc/sec will receive leak at 2 to 3 x 10-5 atm-cc/sec.

Outlet Fittings

922-011    1-1/8″ O.D. Tube Outlet

922-012    Conflat Flange, 2.75″

922-013   Mini Conflat Flange, 1.33″

922-014   1/4″ Cajon Male VCR

922-015   1/4″ Cajon Famale VCR

922-016     1/4″ Cajon Male VCO
922-017     1/4″ Cajon Female VCO
922-018     NW-16 ISO KF
922-019     Isolation Valve, all metal, bellows sealed
922-020     Isolation Valve, high pressure, required w/10-3 leaks
922-022     NW-25 ISO KF
922-026     NW-40 ISO KF
922-028     1/4″ OD Tube
922-033     NW-10 ISO KF
922-036     1/8″ Female to 1/4″ Male NPT
922-025     1/2″ Cajon Female VCR
922-027     1/2″ Cajon Male VCR
922-034     2″ OD Smooth Tube
922-035     3/4″ OD Smooth Tubebg
473-291-1001     Replacement Fill Valve