Helium Based – Gas Permeation Leak Calibrators – PM Series

Helium Based – Gas Permeation Leak Calibrators


The PM Series – Helium based – Gas Permeation Leak Calibrators utilize a durable 7740 Pyrex glass permeation leak element which permits diffusion of helium gas. Helium diffuses through the glass membrane at a constant rate determined by the membrane thickness and surface area. These leaks are highly resistant to clogging by nature of their design.

PM Series Specifications


Supplied exclusively with high purity helium gas ideally suited for precision calibration of leak detectors


Leak Rates
Available in leak rates from 10-5 to 10-10 atm-cc/sec
Temperature coefficient is 3.2%/°C


Durable 7740 Pyrex glass element will not clog; Fused glass to kovar transition


Leaks supplied with 300cc stainless steel cylinder with DOT-3E1800 rating offering maximum life span


Supplied with N.I.S.T. certificate at no additional charge


Outlet Fittings
Available with a wide variety of outlet fittings


Ordering Information

for PM Series

Available in Helium only. All PM models are supplied with 1/2″ OD smooth tube connection unless otherwise specified. Specify leak rate when ordering, as follows:
P/N 923-X01 where X = Leak Rate Exponent and available Leak Rates are 10-5, 10-6, 10-7, 10-8, 10-9, 10-10
Example: PM No. 923-801 = 10-8 range (helium) leak.

Outlet Fittings

922-011    1-1/8″ O.D. Tube Outlet

922-012    Conflat Flange, 2.75″

922-013   Mini Conflat Flange, 1.33″

922-014   1/4″ Cajon Male VCR

922-015   1/4″ Cajon Famale VCR

922-016     1/4″ Cajon Male VCO
922-017     1/4″ Cajon Female VCO
922-018     NW-16 ISO KF
922-019     Isolation Valve, all metal, bellows sealed
922-020     Isolation Valve, high pressure, required w/10-3 leaks
922-022     NW-25 ISO KF
922-026     NW-40 ISO KF
922-028     1/4″ OD Tube
922-033     NW-10 ISO KF
922-036     1/8″ Female to 1/4″ Male NPT
922-025     1/2″ Cajon Female VCR
922-027     1/2″ Cajon Male VCR
922-034     2″ OD Smooth Tube
922-035     3/4″ OD Smooth Tubebg
473-291-1001     Replacement Fill Valve