Ramping Production – MD-490DG


MD-490S Helium and MD-490S Dual-Gas Sniffers

Press Release


September 2017 – Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC announces it is ramping production of non-helium tracer gas Leak Detectors.  In response to increased demand from it’s customer base, the company has significantly stepped up production of it’s Leak Detectors which use Hydrogen and Argon in lieu of Helium.  These gases are used in multiple industries by VIC’s customers.  The MD-490DG has long been recognized as a mainstay in leak detection, utilized by automotive, utility and plastics manufacturers and the company is the only LD provider to offer Argon Leak Detection capability, heavily used in Aerospace and Defense.  As a result of customer demand and VIC LLC well regarded history of applications expertise, production of these non-helium Leak Detectors is expected to increase five fold over the next 12 months.  Additionally, the company offers other gas management solutions such as helium recovery systems and gas mixers/boosters which are increasingly in demand in light of the periodic fluctuations in the Helium market.