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Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC provides new and refurbished equipment that is in-stock and ready to ship within 24-48 hours.


MD-490S Portable Dry Sniffing Leak Detector

The MD-490S is a leader among portable tracer gas leak detectors.  With a response time less than 0.5 seconds, sensitivity to 10-8 direct reading atm-cc/sec, and the ability to zero-out background, this is the most aggressive portable leak detector in the industry.  MD-490S Dual Gas (Helium/Hydrogen) units also ready to ship.


The MD-490M is at the heart of VIC’s turnkey vacuum mass spectrometer systems which feature ease of service and its adaptability for system use.

MS40GT Wet or Dry Model

The MS40GT available either wet or dry pumping package is fully automatic, easy to use, and highly accurate.  These advanced leak detectors are ideal for a broad range of applications including clean, oil-free testing.


MS60 Wet

High sensitivity portable leak detector with high volume pumping package quickly and accurately detects leaks for a broad range of applications.


MS-50GT Wet Console Leak Detector (also available in a Dual Port Configuration)

The MS-50GT is a high speed production leak detector featuring three flow modes which provide flexibility and maximum productivity for application-specific leak testing.



Calibrated Gas Leaks

VIC offers a high quality line of calibrated gas leaks traceable to National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST).  Calibrated gas leaks are used to provide a controlled delivery of gases at a relatively low flow rate.  Most leaks are available to ship with-in one week upon order, but many configurations are stocked and ready to ship.  Please contact us for details.

VIC-Torr™ – Mass Flow, Pressure/Vacuum Decay System

The VIC-Torr™ is a high resolution test instrument that can be configured as a mass flow, pressure decay or vacuum decay leak tester and is available in single or multi-channel models.


We are also stocking refurbished demo units that our in-house refurbishing team takes apart, rebuilds and replaces parts as needed, repairs and tests to factory specifications.  These units carry a one year warranty and are offered at great price discounts.

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