Equipment Training

Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC offers the most comprehensive training packages for leak testing technology, our leak testing equipment, and our custom equipment solutions to our customers. The training assists customers in education and knowledge to accomplish the following objectives:

Maximizing Optimal Leak Test Yields, Quality Performance, and Production Results

Ensuring Leak Test Performance Results and Quality Leak Test Engineering Results

Minimizing The Risks of Future Unscheduled Downtimes

Through increased knowledge of equipment operation, service, and preventative maintenance procedures.

Equipment, Leak Detection Technology, and Preventative Maintenance On-Site Training

Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC offers full service training on all VIC manufactured equipment models and custom tailored training packages.The training courses are custom designed to meet customer equipment types, technology types, operation requirements, equipment usage type, knowledge and learning requirements, maintenance knowledge requirements, and budget requirement needs.

Keeping in mind the Training courses are tailored to customer specific equipment usage and course requirement needs, the training can include the following types of courses:

  • Understanding Leak Testing Technology as it relates to the specified equipment course (on specified model)
  • Production Floor Review of Leak Testing Equipment, Parts, and Components (on specified model)
  • Comprehensive  Equipment Operation Training Course (on specified model)
  • Comprehensive Equipment Maintenance Course (on specified model)

The following will assist you is discussing an optimal training course schedule and options for your particular equipment needs:


EMAIL US or CALL US 1-888-819-9970 With Equipment Type and type of course interest, so we can custom plan a course schedule that fits your specific needs.


Introduction To Equipment and Technology

Introduction Course: Vacuum, Air, or Tracer Gas Technology Relative To Equipment Type

Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC can provide for an Introduction Course based on the Technology being applied to the Specific Equipment In Use and thorough understanding as it pertains to the equipment

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Specified Model Introduction Course

  • Understanding Reasons for Leak Testing
  • Understanding Relative Units of Pressure
  • Calculating leak rates
  • Component Review
  • Understanding Components/Component Integration/Functionality
  • System Component Operation
  • Sequence of Operation/Flow
  • Equipment Technology Type
  • Leak Type Usage, Design, Operation
  • Calibration
  • Custom Feature Operation
  • Troubleshooting Alarms and Fault Conditions
  • Review Proper Start Up and Shutdown Procedures





Review of System, Components, and Parts On Production Floor

Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC can provide a production floor review of The Equipment, System, Parts, and Components

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The Course can include but is not limited to the following System and Component reviews:

  • Main system electronic component identification and review
  • Mechanical Component identification and review
  • Technology identification and review
  • Sensor identification and review
  • Utility identification and review
  • Start Up and Shutdown Procedure Review
  • Product, device, component loading and unloading review
  • Initiation of test cycle review
  • Charging and function testing of parts review
  • Diagnostic display review
  • Test programming review
  • Alarm and error features review
  • Troubleshooting review
  • Maintenance review
  • Spare Parts review

Vacuum Instruments provides Manual and Certificate of Completion





Equipment Operation Courses

Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC provides for training on all equipment models

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 Tracer Gas Equipment Models: MS-40, MS-50, MS-60, MD-490S, MD-490S Dual Gas including relative smart charge and evacuation systems and all custom engineered tracer gas systems

Air Equipment Models: Vic-Torr, MF-11, mass flow, pressure decay and vacuum decay and all custom engineered air equipment systems

Vacuum Equipment Models: MD-490MV and all custom manufactured vacuum equipment and systems.

Gas Handling Systems: Helium Gas Recovery Systems, Charging Stations, Bombing Stations, Gas Boosters, Gas Mixers

Custom Engineered Systems: Accumulation Systems, Hard VAC Systems, Automated helium leak testing systems, and mass spectrometers

The Course can include but is not limited to the following Equipment Reviews:

  • Theory of Operation
  • Electronic identification and functionality
  • Component Identification and Functionality
  • Start Up and Shutdown Procedures
  • Calibration Understanding
  • User Panel Functionality
  • Diagnostic Understanding
  • Maintenance Procedure and Requirements
  • Spare Parts Review
  • Error understanding
  • Basic troubleshooting

Includes and manual and certificate of completion





Equipment Preventative Maintenance Training


Vacuum Instruments Corporation, LLC provides for on-site preventative maintenance training of your personnel on maintenance procedures

EMAIL US or CALL US 1-888-819-9970 

Preventative Maintenance Training as it pertains to the specified equipment/system can include but is not limited to:

  • Start up of equipment and evaluating operation
  • Disassembly and rebuild of the source
  • Disassembly and component cleaning
  • Determining spare part life and replacement
  • Internal and external cleaning
  • Start up and monitoring of operating conditions using onboard diagnostic tools
  • Review optimization strategies for sensitivity and internal leak standards
  • Function testing procedures
  • Review of current maintenance program
  • Review of spare parts inventory

Manual and certificate of completion will be provided



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